April 15, 2011

I think I have an issue

The older I get the more “type A”, “anal”, or whatever else you want to call it I become. I used to be so much more laid back, but not anymore. Not that it is ALWAYS a bad thing, but it is not ideal MOST of the time.

Here is a story to show this personality trait of mine.

A little background: We have ordered 2 batches of t-shirts from 2 different suppliers and are now in the process of getting a third batch. The first order was great. We loved the t-shirts. We almost sold out of the t-shirts, so I went back to get more. However, to say the communication with the t-shirt printer (Company A) was lacking would be an understatement. So, I decided to go somewhere else (Company B). I was in such a hurry to get the shirts, I did not even ask for an example of what the t-shirts would look like before they were printed. When I went to pick up the shirts, they were NOT what I expected. The t-shirt color was different and the design was different. I still liked them, but I wanted more of the first design.

So I sent artwork to Company B for our t-shirt and had a “mock-up” sent to me so I would know what the t-shirt would look like. At first glance, there were no issues (and I emailed to say we loved it). Then I noticed that there a few things I wanted to change (enter email 2 and 3). Then I decided that in order for it to be “perfect” I just needed to redo the image (enter email 4). After all of this, Company B emailed me to have me approve the revised artwork. Again, I thought it looked great (enter email 5). Then after more reviewing decided that there were a couple of things that needed to be changed (enter email 6 and 7). Poor Company B. I know they are SO ready to be done with our order.


Ron Franklin said...

hehehe that's kinda funny.. I can just picture what 'Company B' is saying when they see your emails! :)

Elliotts said...

Ron, I can only imagine! I am sure they are ready to get my off of their hands :)

Brandon and Blair said...

"How much different can it look?! It is such a simple good design." I am sure that is what Company B is thinking! :-)

Elliotts said...

Blair, different enough to make me want to change it...which is NOT much :)