September 20, 2009

Ohio trip and Go VOLS!!!!

Here is Taylor and her BFF Brayden. He is our next door neighbor's little boy. They are one month apart and are so cute together.

Tay loves to crawl in her box of toys and play.

These pictures start our Ohio trip. We went up there to see our new niece Hayden and the rest of Mark's family. It was a wonderful trip, but too short as always.

This one is of Taylor and her cousin Cole.

All of the cousins on Mark's side.

Grandpa with the girls.

Tay has a few cute little Volunteer outfits. Unfortunately out little cheerleader has not been able to bring much luck to the Vols, but she looks pretty cute trying :)

Her and Sophie love looking out our front window together.

Go VOLS!!!

We got her this new car at a yard sale the other week. The people actually gave it to us for FREE!! I love a good yard sale!!!