July 9, 2010

Happy 4th

Since it has been a while since I have "blogged", I thought I would post all of the random pictures we have gathered the past couple of weeks. Most of the pictures are from July 4th activities.

On July 4th we went to a little town about 5 minutes from here named Nolensville. There were bounce houses, a play ground, and lots of little family activities and games. Fireworks started at 9:00. Taylor was entertained for about 5 minutes and then she was done. We all had a great time!

There were several volunteers from a local church who ran the booths. Tay wanted her nails painted blue, so that is what we are doing here.

She is getting better and better at these bounce houses. She actually jumped a little in here before she sat :)

On July 3rd we went to 2 different parties. Our friends Missy and Kip left for Del Rio, TX and we went to a going away party for them in the afternoon. Taylor LOVES water, so of course we had a great time.

Noah was actually digging the water too.

Noah has been getting a little more used to "tummy time" over the past few weeks. He has started to go in circles on his belly to try and get the toys around him.

He also loves his "exersaucer". He will play in this thing as long as I let him. Taylor also likes to entertain him while he sits in it. She will run around or dance to try and get him to laugh.

On the morning of the 3rd we went to a birthday party. Our good friend's little girl turned 1! Their neighborhood had a parade that we walked in. Afterwords, we were able to get in a fire truck that had come for the parade.

Here is the birthday girl, Tegan, and Noah. She was hoping he would hold her hand, but he was occupied by the stroller straps. So she just touched his leg instead.

Taylor rode in a wagon with her friend Hailey (Tegan's sister).

This is a random picture from one of our family gatherings. My cousins dressed Taylor up as a princess and she was loving it :)

Here is Taylor in our nice redneck blow up pool. It has a waterfall and a slide! All the neighbors are jealous!

Taylor always wants to "hold" Noah. Now that he is getting bigger it is a little harder, so this was as close as we got.