December 28, 2009


We spent the week of Christmas in Cookeville and had such a great time. Mark was off the entire week and so we headed to Cooekville on the Sunday before Christmas.

Here is Tay on Christmas morning. She had a good time opening her gifts, but she took her sweet time. She would tear off little pieces, examine them, and then try and put them back.

Granddad read the Christmas story to the girls before everyone opened gifts.

Taylor with her cousins Addie and Ian.

Taylor got a new baby doll from Aunt Blair and Uncle Brandon. This girl loves her baby dolls.

I decided to paint Taylor's toes since mine were painted. They have actually never been painted before. She got my stubby toes :)

Tay having a good time on Christmas morning.

Loving on bunny

She got a new backpack from Grandmom and Granddad. Looks like it fits nicely.

Tay and Uncle Brandon.

At my Grandma's house we always read "The Night Before Christmas". Taylor was "helping" by laying on her cousins lap while he read. She thought it was hilarious!

Of course the girls had matching outfits. They do look pretty cute.

Addie and Taylor had so much fun this Christmas. They played well together and giggled the whole time. Addie called her Tay Tay and sweetie.

My parents have reindeer in their front yard. Taylor was checking them out.

We went to a place called Hidden Hollow in Cookeville to look at the lights. There was a little play ground where we snapped this picture.

We had Taylor all bundled up.

More matching outfits...The grandkids with the grandparents.

Mark grew up making Christmas cookies and wants our family make them around Christmas. Here we are on Christmas day. Taylor helped us ice the cookies.

And she enjoyed eating them too...

The finished project. They were quite yummy (we ate them all in 1 day)!!!

One last picture of the girls.

December 13, 2009


Here are a few random pictures from the past few days...

On Saturday, Mark and I had a tacky Christmas sweater. The whole family had wonderful sweaters! Mark even wore a comb over for the party.

Taylor LOVES babies. She wants to give them their binkies, pat them on the back, and even hold them. She is going to be such a good big sister.

Our WONDERFUL friends threw us a surprise baby shower this Sunday. Mark knew about it, but I was completely in the dark. It was so much fun and I am so thankful to have such great friends!

December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving and an early Christmas

Most of these new pictures are from our trip to Ohio. We went to see Mark's family and celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since I cannot travel too far over Christmas, we had to go ahead and celebrate early with Mark's family. Taylor did not seem to mind that she got some early Christmas presents :)

This is just a random picture of Tay in the leaves outside of our house. She was having a blast playing in them.

Grandma and Grandpa Elliott got Taylor TONS of stuffed animals. She was loving on all of them.

We went to a park in Ohio. Taylor would slide down with Mark and then try and climb back up.

Aunt Jennie and Uncle Chad already had their Christmas tree ready to go. This was the first one Taylor had seen this Christmas. She was quite impressed.

Grandma and Grandpa Elliott also got Taylor a new baby doll. She absolutely LOVES it. She would not stop feeding her doll after she got her.

This is a picture of Mark's side of the family. As you can see, Tay is still feeding her baby doll.

Taylor with her cousins, Brooke and Ryan......still feeding the doll.

November 4, 2009

Fall fun

Sorry it had taken so long to get new pictures up. Unfortunately, we have just not taken that many. But here is what we do have....

We went to a fall bonfire and pumpkin craving for our church the other weekend. We did not think Tay would enjoy it as much as she did. She just dug right in the pumpkin and started cleaning it out. She was loving it!

Tay's new thing is lining up all her stuffed animals on Sophie and then laying with them. It is pretty cute :)

Taylor's loves to color. She gets so excited when we break out the crayons and paper. She does occasionally try to eat one, so I have to make sure she is supervised at all times.

Here are our Halloween pictures of Tay. She loves bunnies, so we figured she might as well be one. She did not "love" her costume, but she actually kept it on for a while.
We went to a nursing home on the Friday before Halloween so she could trick or treat. It was alot of fun.

Our neighbors came over Halloween night and we dressed the kids up in their costumes.

Taylor is very particular about where her animals and baby dolls go. She likes to line them up and she is always patting them on the back. She is going to be such a good big sister!!

September 20, 2009

Ohio trip and Go VOLS!!!!

Here is Taylor and her BFF Brayden. He is our next door neighbor's little boy. They are one month apart and are so cute together.

Tay loves to crawl in her box of toys and play.

These pictures start our Ohio trip. We went up there to see our new niece Hayden and the rest of Mark's family. It was a wonderful trip, but too short as always.

This one is of Taylor and her cousin Cole.

All of the cousins on Mark's side.

Grandpa with the girls.

Tay has a few cute little Volunteer outfits. Unfortunately out little cheerleader has not been able to bring much luck to the Vols, but she looks pretty cute trying :)

Her and Sophie love looking out our front window together.

Go VOLS!!!

We got her this new car at a yard sale the other week. The people actually gave it to us for FREE!! I love a good yard sale!!!