February 22, 2011

Our family is going to be expanding!

I know the first thing that just popped into your head is that we are pregnant. Not quite, but something similar. Mark and I have decided to pursue adoption from Ethiopia!!! We are in the early stages, so it will still be a long wait until our baby boy or girl gets to come home. We are so excited to see how God is going to work in our lives through this little boy or girl.

As a side note, writing is not my “thing”. You can see from previous posts, this blog has always been more about the pictures than the words. What can I say? I am an accountant, not a writer. So please forgive me for all of the grammatical errors that will occur. It is inevitable.

The plan is to use this blog to give you updates about our adoption and more than likely, share some cute pictures of our kids along the way :) 

February 21, 2011

Walker, Aunt Jennie, and Uncle Beavis

Mark's brother and his family came to visit us this past weekend. You may wonder why the title is "Uncle Beavis" instead of his actual name, Chad. Well...Mark thinks that everyone should have a nickname. Chad is Beavis, his mom is Cheeseburger, and his sister is Big Mama (very sweet, I know). So as hard as I try to get Taylor to call Chad, Uncle Chad, she will only call him Uncle Beavis. And she will correct you if you try to say his name is anything else. Taylor LOVES her uncle. She had him read her stories and play with her as often as she could.

She also loves her baby cousin Walker. Taylor loved on him all weekend long. It was so cute seeing them together.


Since we had great weather while they were here, we decided to go to the park to eat lunch and play. All the kiddos had a great time swinging and sliding.

I did say all the kids....

Noah is ALL boy. He already figured out how to crawl up the slide. He was trying to be like all of the big kids.
We went to downtown Nashville on Saturday. What is a trip to downtown without cowboy hats? Taylor actually found this first one and put it on. She also managed to find a pink hat box to tote around for her hat.


February 17, 2011

Funny Noah

Noah manages to crack me up everyday. He is just funny. This first picture was from when Noah stuck his foot in one of the toys. He did not seem to mind, just dragged it around with him for a while.
And I LOVE this one. Noah just starting standing on his head. He thinks it is hilarious. He will get in this position and just laugh. He can even move around on his head...talented kid!

February 11, 2011

Best Friends

Taylor loves her some Bertha. They do everything together. Taylor feeds her, burps her, puts her to bed. They have tea parties and color together. I am so glad that Taylor can entertain herself.

And then there is Noah. Poor guy, just wants to go up the stairs. So now that the gate is up, he just climbs up the first step and cries by the gate. Are we mean for taking video....no, it is just too funny. He is not as upset here because Mark is over there taping. But if he is by himself, he will just sit there and cry. It is pretty hilarious!

February 9, 2011

Sibling Love

I always forget to get out the camera when the kids do something cute. My goal is to have Mark show me how to use the good camera so that I can actually take nice pictures of the kids. Today Taylor wanted to squeeze hug Noah. He thought it was pretty hilarious and was actually sitting still long enough for me to grab the camera. She is pressing in and out of his belly, but from the picture is just looks like a sweet hug :)

This is not the greatest picture, but in person it was really cute. Taylor got a couple of dress-up clothes for Christmas. The green Tinker Bell costume no longer fits, so now baby Bertha gets to wear it. And yes, we named the baby "Bertha". Do you see how big she is?

On a different note, Noah is now completely mobile. He is walking everywhere and getting into everything. We officially had to break out the baby gate because he can book it up the stairs. I always know when he is over there becasue he laughs the entire way up the stairs. He is the happiest kid!