February 9, 2011

Sibling Love

I always forget to get out the camera when the kids do something cute. My goal is to have Mark show me how to use the good camera so that I can actually take nice pictures of the kids. Today Taylor wanted to squeeze hug Noah. He thought it was pretty hilarious and was actually sitting still long enough for me to grab the camera. She is pressing in and out of his belly, but from the picture is just looks like a sweet hug :)

This is not the greatest picture, but in person it was really cute. Taylor got a couple of dress-up clothes for Christmas. The green Tinker Bell costume no longer fits, so now baby Bertha gets to wear it. And yes, we named the baby "Bertha". Do you see how big she is?

On a different note, Noah is now completely mobile. He is walking everywhere and getting into everything. We officially had to break out the baby gate because he can book it up the stairs. I always know when he is over there becasue he laughs the entire way up the stairs. He is the happiest kid!

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Karyn said...

So cute! Yeah, Bertha was (is) pretty big! haha.
btw, I love your new blog layout and your cute little signature!