January 29, 2011

Yay for nice weather!!

Tennessee has finally gotten some nice weather!! We took full advantage by taking the kiddos to the park today. Noah was sleepy, and therefore rather cranky, but Taylor had a blast! She was climbing around everywhere and going down every slide she could find! I also included some pictures from earlier in the week...just because I know that Grandma appreciates the pictures :)
Taylor and her best buddy Javen. He is about 6 weeks older than her. Javen's family lives down the road, so we get to see them often. They play so well together!
Our good friends, the Boulineaus had a little gathering for sweet Irene's first birthday. Irene and Noah are only 2 days apart. These kids will be hanging out together for a long time!

Now to the park pictures. Noah gave us a few smiles.

Taylor would not really stop for the camera, so we just had to catch her in action.

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