January 4, 2011

Christmas Craziness!!

We just got home from 2 weeks of Christmas vacation. It was so great to see family and friends, but it was also nice to come home to our own beds! We started our vacation in Cookeville, then went to Ohio, then back to Cookeville. It was alot of traveling, but thankfully we had plenty of time in both places, so it did not feel like we were on the road the entire time. There are lots of pictures to share because Mark was there to take them :) They are not in any order, so bare with me.

These first few are actually from before Christmas. We had a friend take family pictures for our Christmas card. I wanted to wait to share them until we mailed out the card. She did a great job and I am glad that we got them!

Santa come to the hardware store down the road from us. Both the kids did great and Taylor loved the candy cane Santa gave her.

Noah just wanted to pull his beard (I think he knew it was fake :))

When we were in Ohio, we went to an indoor pool. Taylor had a great time, but Noah took a while to warm up to the water. He finally started having a good time right before we were about to leave.

Taylor went down this slide over and over and over. She spent most of the time on it.

Taylor had a good time with her cousin Brooke. They played well together and Taylor liked to color with her.

Noah actually left these on while we were opening presents. He did not really get the hang of opening presents this Christmas...maybe next year.

Noah's got his first haircut while we were in Cookeville! He was not a huge fan, but overall he did pretty good. It has already grown back, so I think I am going to have to buy some clippers!

Noah is CLOSE to walking. He has already taken a couple of steps, but he is still a little wobbly. I would not be surprised if he was up and going in the next month or so.

Tacky Christmas sweater party...

Taylor and Noah opened their presents from us at my parents house. Taylor liked her books more than anything else.

We always read "The Night Before Christmas" at my Grandma's before we open gifts. Taylor wanted to help.

My mom bought all the grandkids matching outfits. Here are the boys in one of there's.

Taylor was Addie's shadow. She did EVERYTHING that Addie did. It was pretty cute.

Not sure is Noah is happy of mad here, but we will go with happy.

When Tay would open gifts, if it was clothes she would hold it up to her chest and say "cute". We are in trouble :)

The 4 grandkids and their matching pj's.

I think this kid is always smiling. I love it!

Taylor and her 6 month old cousin. She wanted to "hold" him. Not sure how well it worked considering he weighs almost as much as she does.

Grandma and Noah...what a sweet picture.

Uncle Chad had an ice cream cone, so Tay went and found a pretend one and "ate" it with her uncle.

Again...smiling :)

Taylor always wants to line everything up. We think she might be a bit OCD.

Taylor got several dress up outfits this Christmas. She loved her green sparkly shoes and wore them all day.

More Christmas pictures...


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