April 17, 2010

Playdates and Birthday Parties

These first few pictures are random ones that I have taken over the past couple of weeks. I am actually staring to get better at remembering to take pictures throughout the day :)

Taylor actually kept these bunny ears on for a while. I was impressed.

It has been gorgeous over the past couple of weeks, so we have been outside as much as possible. We paint, play with play dough, and roam around the common area out back. I find the more time we spend outside, the better nap that Tay will take.

We went to a birthday party for Taylor's best friend, Brayden. The kids got sunglasses in their treat bags and Noah is sporting his here. There is actually a picture of me (Lindsey), when I was his age wearing sunglasses and we look just alike. I will try and get it scanned in to compare...

Noah finally has enough head control to sit in his Bumbo seat. I love putting him in there. He seems like such a big boy.

Taylor loves to hold the phone up to Noah's ear so he can "talk" to whomever is on the other end, normally it's daddy.

Brayden came over the other day and taught Taylor how to climb in her toy box. He is always teaching her new tricks.

Who knew that Taylor;s hair could be put in a french braid...now I have to learn how to do it.

We spent some time with your good friends Gabby and Cole the other day. Taylor climbed on the 4-wheeler with Cole and they were so cute together.

On Saturday we had 2 birthday parties to go to. The first one had a petting zoo!! Taylor enjoyed feeding the animals and making all of her favorite animal sounds.

The next party was at Maggie Moos...yum! Taylor got her second round of cake and ran around the store on an obvious sugar buzz.

April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter!!

We had such an amazing Easter!! Rejoicing over our Saviors resurrection is always wonderful. We stayed in Nashville this Easter for the first time and went to our church's Good Friday service which was beautiful. We then spent Easter morning at church celebrating Christ and his love for us.
The weather has been gorgeous and Taylor really got into egg hunts this year.

We sort of all matched for Easter Sunday so we had to get a family picture...actually a few of them. This one was taken in my grandma's back yard. We had lunch there after church.

My grandma hid a few Easter eggs in her yard so Taylor could have an Easter egg hunt. She was so cute trying to find all of the eggs. She wanted us to keep putting them back out so she could find them over and over again.

This was the best picture we got of the 2 kiddos in their matching outfits. Taylor was sweet holding Noah's hand.

My parents got Taylor and Noah matching pj's. Taylor loves to sit with Noah on the couch and "hold" him.

On Saturday morning we went to the zoo. There was an Easter egg hunt for the kids. It was perfect. It had been raining that morning, so it was not as crowded as we thought it might be. But the weather cleared up just and time and it was great!

There was a jump house at the zoo and Taylor had a good time bouncing around.

Here are a few pictures of Tay during the egg hunt. She really got the hang of it about half way through and was picking up eggs like crazy.

At the zoo, there was a giraffe and Easter bunny greeting the kids. Taylor loved the giraffe. She kept saying "raff" all morning.

Noah is such a cuddler. He always wants something soft up by his face. Here he is with "blue", one of his stuffed animals.

We make lots of smoothies here and Taylor has really been enjoying them. Her and daddy are sharing this one.