December 2, 2010

Not many to post...

We have been capturing our kids lately, but it seems only through video. So there are not many pictures to share, but I figured I could post what I've got.

One of Taylor's Christmas presents was to go to a live Veggie Tales show. She loved it! She was entertained the entire time and spent most of the show dancing in the aisles. It was so fun to watch her!

We went to my grandma's house on Thanksgiving day. There were 5 great-grandchildren and here are the youngest 2'; Noah and his 2nd (?) cousin Caroline.

We attempted to get a picture of the great-grandkids, but this was the best we could do. Well at least the best of our 2 kids.

We went to Cookeville for the weekend and the kids always have so much fun. Taylor loved to push Noah around on this airplane. He laughed most of the time, but inevitably he fell off a couple of times.

We decorated my parents house for Christmas while we were in town. Taylor was in the living room playing with Christmas decorations when she walked out with these on here feet. She thought they were socks :)

This is actually from a few weeks ago, but I thought I should brag on Taylor. She actually drew this bird. Quite impressive if I might say so myself!

I do have more pictures to share, but they are for the Christmas card. Once I get it sent out, I will post all of them.

November 2, 2010

Fall Fun!

We have been busy, busy, busy with lots of fun activities. Everything from a 5K, to Halloween, to botanical gardens. We have had some good times!

This was taken the morning of our 5K run. It was in the 30's that morning, so we were COLD! We bundled up the kids and headed downtown to run a 5K for Mercy.
Doesn't Noah look cute in his toboggan?!?!

You can tell in this picture that the kids are bundled up. They did not seem to mind. Noah could not move, but I think he had fun.

Taken before the race.

There were bounce houses and inflatable slides for the kids after the race. Of course we took full advantage.

On Saturday afternoon our neighborhood had a get-together. We dressed the kids up in their costumes and all the neighborhood kids played out back in the common area.

I just think Noah looks funny, I mean cute, in this picture :)

On Sunday (Halloween), we went to 2 parties. One of Taylor's friends turned 2, so we went to his birthday party first. Luckily the other party was in the same neighborhood, so it worked out for us to go to both.
This picture is from the Johnson's Halloween party. We attempted to get a group shot of all the kids. This was the best I could do.

Taylor had it made. She was pulled around in a wagon and then pulled up to each house to get her candy. She did not even have to get out. Someone made the comment that "this is the McDonald's generation" :) BUT once Taylor got the hang of the whole thing, she was out of the wagon and running from house to house. Her basket got so heavy, she had to hold it with 2 hands. I asked if she wanted me to carry it, but she insisted on doing it "by herself". I think she was scared I would not give it back :)

This morning we went to Cheekwood with some friends. They are having an event called Chihuly and today it was free to the public. Of course we jumped on that. The glass sculptures were beautiful, however, I am pretty sure that Taylor could have cared less.

I liked the background here, but could not get the kids to look. As soon as I put Noah down, he immediately found some grass and tried to eat it. Always with something in his mouth...

October 27, 2010

We have cute kids :)

We went to Walden's Pumpkin Patch on Monday and it was so much fun. The weather was perfect and it was not crowded. We brought along Mark's good camera to get lots and pictures of the kids. And we DID get lots of pictures. So here we go...

When we first arrived, there was a tree with pumpkins all around it, so of course we had to set up there.

There were wagons to take around the farm. Taylor thought she should take Noah on a ride. They both giggled the whole time.

We were able to get many more picture of Noah than of Taylor. Noah would stay put and he always has a smile on his face, so he was easy. On the other hand, Taylor did not want to sit still. She would say "cheese", but not while looking at the camera.

So, the ones we have of her are mostly "candid"

There was a petting farm. Tay would have fed the animals all day if we would have let her. She loves animals!

Another pose of Noah

There was these little tractors and Noah thought they were great. We got tons of pictures of him because he was having a blast!

I love this face!

There was a "slide" that you used a brown sack to slide down. I think Taylor went down it about 20 times!

There was also a kids corn maze (where we took this picture). Taylor actually led us through it and did not take any wrong turns. She has a good sense of direction, like her mommy :)

We know Taylor does not like big, loud tractors, but she was loving this one.

As you can probably tell, there were TONS of places to take pictures. We tried to take advantage of them all.

I saw a picture that one of my friends took of her little boy sitting in all the pumpkins. I really loved it, so we tried to recreate it.

Classic Noah...always with something in his mouth.

We asked Taylor to find the best pumpkin that she could. She was running all around trying to find one and then brought it back to us.

September 19, 2010

Good times in Tennessee

Nothing in particular that I needed to "blog" about, I just wanted to share some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

I have been wanting to get a sweet picture of Noah sleeping and I finally remembered this week. Such a sweet boy.

We were in Cookeville a few weekends ago and of course Tay enjoyed the water. It was actually a little cool that weekend, so her and my Dad were the only 2 to get in.

Taylor's good friend Cole just turned 2 and we went to the park for his birthday party. Taylor loved the slide and swings. Her two favorite things.

Cole's daddy works at the firehouse that was across the street from the park, so all the kids went over and took a tour.
Noah was loving his fireman hat. He was cracking up the entire time. It was so funny.

All of the kids got to sit in the driver's seat of the truck. Noah thought it was great, but Taylor was too scared to get in.

We had some friends come and visit last weekend. Krisha had not met either of the kids, so I was glad she got to see them.

We also had some of Mark's friends in town the same weekend. We took them to Arrington Vineyards on Saturday where we listened to music and ate dinner. Noah, being the happy baby that he is, just sat there the entire time and played. He had a great time :)

Noah has officially started to eat foods. It took him a while to get used to the whole swallowing thing, but now he loves to eat!!

Yesterday we spent the day with some of our friends from church. They live out in the country so Taylor and Sophie had a blast running around. We went down to their creek where the kids played and found all kinds of fun creatures.

I just had to include this picture because of what Taylor is eating. The Sammons had tons of pears from the trees near their property. Taylor kept eating them. I think she went through about 10 of them!!!

This was the girls' best "cheese" faces :)