November 2, 2010

Fall Fun!

We have been busy, busy, busy with lots of fun activities. Everything from a 5K, to Halloween, to botanical gardens. We have had some good times!

This was taken the morning of our 5K run. It was in the 30's that morning, so we were COLD! We bundled up the kids and headed downtown to run a 5K for Mercy.
Doesn't Noah look cute in his toboggan?!?!

You can tell in this picture that the kids are bundled up. They did not seem to mind. Noah could not move, but I think he had fun.

Taken before the race.

There were bounce houses and inflatable slides for the kids after the race. Of course we took full advantage.

On Saturday afternoon our neighborhood had a get-together. We dressed the kids up in their costumes and all the neighborhood kids played out back in the common area.

I just think Noah looks funny, I mean cute, in this picture :)

On Sunday (Halloween), we went to 2 parties. One of Taylor's friends turned 2, so we went to his birthday party first. Luckily the other party was in the same neighborhood, so it worked out for us to go to both.
This picture is from the Johnson's Halloween party. We attempted to get a group shot of all the kids. This was the best I could do.

Taylor had it made. She was pulled around in a wagon and then pulled up to each house to get her candy. She did not even have to get out. Someone made the comment that "this is the McDonald's generation" :) BUT once Taylor got the hang of the whole thing, she was out of the wagon and running from house to house. Her basket got so heavy, she had to hold it with 2 hands. I asked if she wanted me to carry it, but she insisted on doing it "by herself". I think she was scared I would not give it back :)

This morning we went to Cheekwood with some friends. They are having an event called Chihuly and today it was free to the public. Of course we jumped on that. The glass sculptures were beautiful, however, I am pretty sure that Taylor could have cared less.

I liked the background here, but could not get the kids to look. As soon as I put Noah down, he immediately found some grass and tried to eat it. Always with something in his mouth...

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