October 27, 2010

We have cute kids :)

We went to Walden's Pumpkin Patch on Monday and it was so much fun. The weather was perfect and it was not crowded. We brought along Mark's good camera to get lots and pictures of the kids. And we DID get lots of pictures. So here we go...

When we first arrived, there was a tree with pumpkins all around it, so of course we had to set up there.

There were wagons to take around the farm. Taylor thought she should take Noah on a ride. They both giggled the whole time.

We were able to get many more picture of Noah than of Taylor. Noah would stay put and he always has a smile on his face, so he was easy. On the other hand, Taylor did not want to sit still. She would say "cheese", but not while looking at the camera.

So, the ones we have of her are mostly "candid"

There was a petting farm. Tay would have fed the animals all day if we would have let her. She loves animals!

Another pose of Noah

There was these little tractors and Noah thought they were great. We got tons of pictures of him because he was having a blast!

I love this face!

There was a "slide" that you used a brown sack to slide down. I think Taylor went down it about 20 times!

There was also a kids corn maze (where we took this picture). Taylor actually led us through it and did not take any wrong turns. She has a good sense of direction, like her mommy :)

We know Taylor does not like big, loud tractors, but she was loving this one.

As you can probably tell, there were TONS of places to take pictures. We tried to take advantage of them all.

I saw a picture that one of my friends took of her little boy sitting in all the pumpkins. I really loved it, so we tried to recreate it.

Classic Noah...always with something in his mouth.

We asked Taylor to find the best pumpkin that she could. She was running all around trying to find one and then brought it back to us.