January 26, 2009

Such a princess!

We had a family get together on my (Lindsey) side of the family this weekend. Taylor's cousins and her played "dress up". It was so cute :)

Taylor really wants to get into her toy basket, but just cannot quite get there yet. I am sure it is only a matter of time.

Taylor loves bathtime!!! She splashes all over and gets us soaked! It is so fun to watch her.

Taylor is still not quite yet mobile. But she will roll and twist until she gets where she wants to go. Her newest thing is getting underneath her jumperoo. But she almost always gets stuck and needs us to come to her rescue.

January 16, 2009

Nothing much new to report this week. Talyor is still trying to crawl, but she is just not there yet. She will get up on her knees and move back in forth before she plants her head into the carpet. Her new thing is laughing...all the time. We love it!!! No one knows why are what she is laughing at, she just starts going. I tried to capture it on video, but was unsuccessful. Hopefully next time, I can put a video up. Oh, and she drank from a sippy cup for the first time on her own!

January 6, 2009


We never have actually wrote anything on our blog before, but we figured now is as good as time as any to start. We had a wonderful Christmas!! Taylor had a blast and got plenty of attention. In fact, she got so much attention that she might have gotten a little spoiled and was therefore a little needy when we got home :) But still a cutie as always. We are all back in the swing of things now and I think Taylor is missing all the attention from her grandparents.

Me and Sophie

Taylor loves Sophie!! I think they are probably best friends.

Christmas pictures

Here are some pictures of Taylor this Christmas. She was not exactly sure how to open presents, but she had fun trying!