September 19, 2010

Good times in Tennessee

Nothing in particular that I needed to "blog" about, I just wanted to share some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

I have been wanting to get a sweet picture of Noah sleeping and I finally remembered this week. Such a sweet boy.

We were in Cookeville a few weekends ago and of course Tay enjoyed the water. It was actually a little cool that weekend, so her and my Dad were the only 2 to get in.

Taylor's good friend Cole just turned 2 and we went to the park for his birthday party. Taylor loved the slide and swings. Her two favorite things.

Cole's daddy works at the firehouse that was across the street from the park, so all the kids went over and took a tour.
Noah was loving his fireman hat. He was cracking up the entire time. It was so funny.

All of the kids got to sit in the driver's seat of the truck. Noah thought it was great, but Taylor was too scared to get in.

We had some friends come and visit last weekend. Krisha had not met either of the kids, so I was glad she got to see them.

We also had some of Mark's friends in town the same weekend. We took them to Arrington Vineyards on Saturday where we listened to music and ate dinner. Noah, being the happy baby that he is, just sat there the entire time and played. He had a great time :)

Noah has officially started to eat foods. It took him a while to get used to the whole swallowing thing, but now he loves to eat!!

Yesterday we spent the day with some of our friends from church. They live out in the country so Taylor and Sophie had a blast running around. We went down to their creek where the kids played and found all kinds of fun creatures.

I just had to include this picture because of what Taylor is eating. The Sammons had tons of pears from the trees near their property. Taylor kept eating them. I think she went through about 10 of them!!!

This was the girls' best "cheese" faces :)

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