November 4, 2009

Fall fun

Sorry it had taken so long to get new pictures up. Unfortunately, we have just not taken that many. But here is what we do have....

We went to a fall bonfire and pumpkin craving for our church the other weekend. We did not think Tay would enjoy it as much as she did. She just dug right in the pumpkin and started cleaning it out. She was loving it!

Tay's new thing is lining up all her stuffed animals on Sophie and then laying with them. It is pretty cute :)

Taylor's loves to color. She gets so excited when we break out the crayons and paper. She does occasionally try to eat one, so I have to make sure she is supervised at all times.

Here are our Halloween pictures of Tay. She loves bunnies, so we figured she might as well be one. She did not "love" her costume, but she actually kept it on for a while.
We went to a nursing home on the Friday before Halloween so she could trick or treat. It was alot of fun.

Our neighbors came over Halloween night and we dressed the kids up in their costumes.

Taylor is very particular about where her animals and baby dolls go. She likes to line them up and she is always patting them on the back. She is going to be such a good big sister!!

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