April 8, 2011

I need your opinion

We ordered a new batch of t-shirts. We did so well with the last order, that we thought we would go ahead and get some more!

As part of this new order, we have YOUTH shirts! I am really happy with how they turned out. They are dark chocolate and we have sizes Youth Small (size 6-8) and Youth Medium (size 10-12). They sell for $20 each. It is obviously big on Tay, but you can at least get an idea of what it looks like. We only ordered a handful of each size, so if you want one, get it soon!
Now, I need your opinion. This new batch of t-shirts is a little different. The feel of the t-shirt is the same, but the color of the shirt as well as the color of Africa is different. Which one do you like better? The old one is on the left and the new one is on the right. 
Note: the new shirt looks almost brown compared to the older one. It is a charcoal gray.



Bethany said...

I'm a new follower. Raechel from Finding my Feet sent me here. I love your blog and look forward to following your adoption journey.

Oh and - both of the colors look great.

Elliotts said...

Thanks Bethany! Glad you are here :)