April 11, 2011

A boy name

If the baby we bring home from Ethiopia is a boy, I have my name picked out. I say “my” because Mark is not completely on board. I want to name him Nehemiah and call him Nehem. Nehemiah means "comforted by God" or "God wipes away our tears". Beautiful, right? If you happen to see Mark, I would appreciate any mention of how awesome the name is or how much you love it :) I think he will come around.


Brandon and Blair said...

Hmmmm...I do remember a post that went something like this,
"I had to give up control (something I do not like to do) and let Mark make this decision without my, nagging, help." But I am sure that this doesn't count if it comes from in-laws. Right?! :-)

Audrey said...

Thats an awesome name! Nehemiah is beautiful, it isn't common but its not weird. I love it. :) And both your boys would have N names. Cute.

Elliotts said...

Thanks Audrey!
And Blair...yes this is completely different :)

Molly said...

Just got my shirt in the mail- LOVE it! And love that name! :) Thanks for the sweet note too. Adoption connects people over 100's of miles. Beautiful.