August 26, 2011

too much free time

Yesterday was Tay’s first day of preschool. Before we left, I dropped Noah off with the neighbor for the day, so I had the entire morning to myself.

When I dropped Tay off at preschool, she ran straight for her classroom without even a goodbye. As I am standing there with my camera and what must have looked like a really sad face, the teacher said “you can come in a take a picture”. And so I did. And then I left. And then I did not cry (yeah right).

I was really looking forward to having some “mommy time”. It’s crazy how much “thinking” I do when it is quiet. Not like “I am smart thinking”. More like “I don’t want to use my brain” thinking. So I wrote a few of these thoughts for your reading pleasure. Feel free to close out. I will never know. 

(Please excuse the short, choppy, sentences. It’s all I’ve got today.)

-Being alone stinks! Yes my children can get on my nerves, but I would much rather them be on my nerves than not with me at all.

-I went to a consignment sale during my alone time and turns out, I am CRAZY. Not like elbow throwing crazy, but like all nervous, gotta get me some cheap clothes crazy. Seriously, my heart rate was way elevated!

-Why would you try to make money off of the Dolly Parton books? I mean seriously people, you got them for free. Give them away!

-Listening to “top 40” music radio stations makes me feel cooler. I know weird, right? Maybe because I only listen when no kids are in the car. No kids = cool? I don’t know. Told you it was random.

-What the heck did Tay do for 5 hours while at preschool? I should have asked.

And there you go. A little preview of my thoughts.

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