August 25, 2011

Preschool…sniff, sniff

Tay had her first official day of preschool today. Seeing her with her backpack, nap mat, and lunchbox this morning was almost more than I could handle. When did my baby get to be so big? I mean seriously y’all, dropping her off at school was HARD.

Last spring, we made the decision for Taylor to attend preschool one day a week. I had been going back and forth between keeping her home and letting her go to school. Before we even had children, Mark and I made the decision that we would homeschool our kiddos (more on that later). So for us, preschool is not necessarily a step towards what her day will look like in kindergarten. It is more of a “trial run” for how we want to handle preschool with our kiddos.

Look at this cute tiny tot on her first day of school. Tay’s new thing is to squint her eyes when she smiles. And it was sunny. So….I did not get the greatest pictures. I won’t show you any of me with red, puffy eyes.


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