March 10, 2011

All boy

I am dedicating this post to my baby BOY, Noah. People will tell you that boys and girls are innately different. While I never disagreed with this, I had no idea exactly how different they are. Noah never sits still. He is into everything. He wants to be sure that he always has something in his hands, in his mouth, or is banging on something. Things that I never had to child proof with Taylor are now child proofed. Don't get me wrong, I love being a boy's mama. I was just not prepared for the amount of energy it takes.
I am using this post to show you all the "fun" things that Noah does during the day. I know this may be picture overload (unless you are a grandparent), but as a doting mama, I figured there could never be too many pictures of this sweet little boy.

I want you to notice the increase in the amount of toys on the floor. Noah wants to be sure that he pulls EVERY possible thing out of the toy box.

Splashing in the toilet is one of Noah's favorite things to do. I normally don't let him do this, but I thought "hey what can this hurt?". Here is where I tell you my not so good mama moment. When I took the first picture of Noah splashing, I realized that our wonderful little 2 year old had not flushed the toilet. We had to have a good wipe down after that.

Not that all of these need explaining, but I thought I would give details behind a few. Noah is not wearing a shirt because he drenches them when he drinks his milk. If you look really close at the picture of him and the sippy cup, you can see milk running down his chin. In the middle picture, Noah has his pointer finger out. Recently, he started to point to everything and say "that". So cute!

I know that was alot, but these are the little things that I want to always remember about my little guy.


George Grant said...

Beautiful! It is going to be so much fun helping Noah bring home a new brother or sister! Then he'll be able to show him/her all his best tricks!

Elliotts said...

We are going to hope that Noah keeps all of his "tricks" to himself :)