January 18, 2012

my baby turned 2

What? My baby turned 2? How do these things happen?

Noah is the MOST fun kiddo to have around. Everything is a party to him and he laughs ALL THE TIME! I really hope that he never loses his love for life because it is absolutely contagious!
(as I write this Mark is giving the kids baths and all I hear is Noah’s chuckle :))

Noah gives me a run for my money everyday, but I would not change it for the world. 95% of the words that come out of his mouth on any given day are truck, tractor, and choo choo.

For his special day, I made him what I thought was his favorite meal, mac-n-cheese. The kid never eats, so who knows what he really likes.
Dinner time at the Elliott household normally goes something like this for Noah; we give him his food, he plays with it for a while, he pretends to eat it only to spit it back out, he proceeds to throw it, and then it ends up on the floor. We are working on it.
Nice Noah, nice. 

He managed to eat only the icing on his cupcake, although this was to be expected. 
I love the middle picture...we were singing him happy birthday and his patience level was wearing out.

Happy 2nd Birthday Noah Bear!

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