November 18, 2013

Picture Time

For those of you who do not know, we are living with friends right now. We are building a house that seems like it will never get finished and our gracious friends have taken us in in the mean time.

Living with friends means living with the bare minimum which means no desktop computer. The only way for us to get our pictures off the camera is to put them on the desktop which is currently at my parents. All of this to say, I am hardly ever able to get the pictures off of our camera and on to the world wide web.

Lucky for you (Janet :)), I was able to get pictures off the camera last week and onto our blog for your viewing pleasure.

Zeke turned 8, then 9, and now 10 months. I still need to take the 10 month pictures, so maybe I will post them in 3 months when I upload pictures again :)

We had some fun dates with our kiddos. Me and Tay went to see Beauty and Beast at TPAC and Mark took Noah to see some race cars.

We had a camp out in the back yard with the family we are staying with. The kids had a blast and actually slept through the night!

Halloween happened. We thought we would be in the new house by then, but since we are obviously not, all of our costumes are somewhere in storage. Thankfully we have sweet friends who let us borrow costumes.

Til next time....

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