January 14, 2014

So...I have not updated the blog in a loooong time. That sort of seems to be a theme around here.

We are officially in our new house with access to our desktop which means that I can download pictures whenever I want. Now the tricky part will be to actually sit down, get on the blog, and share pictures.

But today is a big day! My little guy turned one today. Zeke was our surprise baby, but I have never been more thankful for a surprise! I have thoroughly enjoyed having a little one around again.

He seriously melts me. 

About 1 month ago, Zeke discovered meat. And let me just say that he absolutely loves it. In fact, every time we eat it, he devours it, as in eats more than all of us. We have therefore decided to nickname him "meat". I know, I know it is such a sweet, baby nickname, no? I think one day he will thank us for it.
We decided that since he has such a deep fondness for meat, we should introduce him to steak. So for his birthday dinner, he got steak. And let me tell you what, he took it down!
He ate at least 10 helpings this size. He is quite serious about food.

And we finished it off with a little "Happy Birthday to You" and cupcakes. Again, he loved it. Food is just his thing.
I love this progression of facial expressions. In the third picture it is like he is anticipating the yumminess of what is about to happen.

As he finished up, we gave Taylor and Noah their cupcakes. Do you see his face of anger? How dare they eat cupcakes and not share?

Zeke has been such a blessing to our family. Taylor and Noah absolutely adore him (a little too much at times) and I cannot imagine life without him. He is always smiling, cries when you leave the room loves to be around people, and is a laid back little guy. Happy first birthday to Zeke!

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