November 13, 2013

What's next?

There is not much to report, but I want to pass along what we do know. 

Right now, there is about a one year wait from referral until travel. If this holds true, we will travel to bring home our little girl sometime next fall. 

Our attorney will go to court on our behalf in about 6 months. After that, the US Embassy will conduct an investigation that is expected to take about 6 months. 

The Congo has implemented a new investigation process that has extended the time between when we pass court and when we travel to go and bring our little girl home. Because this process is new, we are fairly uncertain what to expect. 

I know this is extremely vague, but I wanted to share any details that we have. I will most definitely post updates as we get them. 

This will probably be the longest year of our lives. Knowing that our child is half way across the world where we cannot take care of her is a hard reality. But I do know that she is in God’s hands and he will protect her. 

Please join us as we pray that our sweet little girl stays healthy, is well taken care of, and that we get to bring her home before expected!

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Anonymous said...

Praying for your sweet family. Lots of prayers over your precious little one especially! Our Abba Father is for sure watching over her!