September 3, 2012

oh, memories…

Last week was our first (of hopefully many) Blair family Christmas vacations. That’s right, I said Christmas. We asked my parents if instead of getting gifts at Christmas time, we could take a family vacation. This year we decided on the beach.
It started out with a bang…and some smoke. Mark and I bought our first min-van one week before the vacation. About 2 hours into our trip the RPM’s started revving up and the engine started to smoke. Our transmission went out. That was fun.
3 hours later, we had been loaded into a tow truck (which Noah thought was AWESOME), towed to a service company, had a rental car and were back on the road. It was not the best way to start our trip, but at least we were on the road again.

Not long after, a friend of mine called and said “You know that Isaac is predicted to become a category II and is heading straight towards the gulf.” We knew it was a possibility, but we were really hoping the tropical strom would settle down and not cause us any trouble.

Well, Isaac turned out to only cause us a few problems. We made it to the beach everyday (even if for only 15 minutes), and it really only rained one day. Double red flags were up from Tuesday through Friday, so we could not get in the water, but we made the best of some sand time.
In the bottom left picture, you can see that the water made it almost all the way up to the stairs of the houses. 
And yes, the kids are in their PJ's.

The kids had fun, we were able to relax and enjoy the water, and the few days that the sun did come out we took full advantage. We even made time to go to a carnival and hit up the outlet mall. 

Now to decide what we should do next year…

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