September 10, 2012

go go Thomas

Is anyone else signing the Thomas the Train theme song? I sure am. This past weekend Thomas came to Nashville! Noah has been a Thomas fan for a while so we decided to take him out for a little train fun. Of course when Tay overheard that we were going, she had come too. No issues with that...Christmas presents for both the kids!
It's one of those things that I am glad we did, but will never do again.

Later that afternoon, we had birthday fun with the Blairs to celebrate their oldest girl (and my niece), Addie, turning 6! There were games, water, and cake involved so of course the kids had fun.
The object of the first game was to stomp other kids balloons to try to pop them. Noah was NOT happy when his burst.And I promise that we do feed him. He is just really skinny. I blame that on his dad.

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