March 31, 2012

Neighborhood LUV

We probably absolutely have the best neighbors EVA! There has to be at least 40 kids 4 and under. Which means, there is always someone to play with or a mama to talk to.

We just had an Easter egg hunt and potluck for our neighborhood "in" crowd. Yeah, we are pretty cool around here.
Really we just got together with the other bazillion families who live in our neighborhood and it was AWESOME!

All the kiddos before the egg hunt.
Who's kid is that in the front throwing a temper tantrum? Seriously, where are his parents?

Very happy about her basketful of eggs

It did not take long for this kid to figure out what was in the eggs. He decided to forgo the egg hunt and look for jelly beans that had fallen out of the eggs and where on the ground. I could seriously just eat him up!


The Rohman Family said...

I JUST posted Ben doing the same thing as Noah. He found 2 eggs and spent the rest of the time eating and finding candy. YUCK!

Lindsey said...

That's so funny Erin! Boys will be boys I guess :)