February 25, 2012

lost and found

 I have a bad mommy confession…in the past week, I have lost Noah not once, but TWICE! He has this bad little habit of darting off before I even know what hit me.

Both times we were outside, enjoying this crazy warm weather with neighbors. The first incident occurred last Monday while I was having a quick little one on one chat with Tay (for not sharing or something like that). I look up, and Noah is gone. We live in townhomes with no back yard, so we play in a big green space around the corner from our home. Two other moms were helping me in my search of backyards, streets, and other little hiding places. We finally found him in the street a significant distance frrm where we were playing. 

And then it happened again on Thursday. We were on our back porch and I saw Noah disappear behind our fence. I put the cap on some bubbles I was holding, went to go get him, and he was out of sight. I swear this kid is going to give me a heart attack. Anyways, another neighbor found him behind a row of cars in the street. How is a 2 year old so stinkin’ fast?

I really have no idea what to do. We NEED our outside time, a fence is not an option, and I am afraid DCs might get called if I put a shock collar on him (KIDDING)! 

So, do you have any ideas on how to contain him? He has no fear whatsoever of being on his own. In fact, I think he really likes it. I need help.

And because every post should include pictures of my cute kids. Maybe they will make you forget the awfulness of losing my child :)

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