September 7, 2011

And she thinks we’re just makin’ cookies

I will be the first to admit, I don’t always spend the time that I should with my kids. Yes, I stay at home , but there are times when I hardly interact with them.

Lately, I have tried to make it my goal to do more activities with my kids. Sometimes it is as simple as sitting on the couch with them while they watch an afternoon movie.

Today it was making cookies with Taylor. Let me first tell you this, I am major OCD! I absolutely despise having a messy kitchen. It drives me nuts!! So baking cookies with a 3 year old stretched me to my limits. There was flour all over the floor, on the walls, on the countertops, on us! Tay even “helped” watch dishes, which meant soap and water everywhere!!! It was rough to watch, but I tried my hardest to let go. And when I sort of did, we had a blast! And made some yummy cookies, which is always a nice bonus!

Notice that in most pictures, the counters are clean. That is because this OCD lady cleaned in between every step. It was just too much to have that flour everywhere. Good thing Tay also enjoys cleaning :)

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