July 19, 2011

From 2 to 3

I often wonder what it will be like when we go from having two children to three. For me, going from zero children to one was fantastic! When Taylor was born, I was SO ready to be a mommy. I was able to stay home with her; she was a great sleeper and a pleasure to be around. However, my transition from one child to two children was HARD. Noah was a great baby, but I was overwhelmed. Tay was 20 months old and still a baby herself. There were days when I would sit on our stairs and just cry. I had no idea how to be a mommy of 2. But as time has passed and as both Taylor and Noah grow, I am finding much more joy and beauty in this stage. Obviously we still have hard days, but the feelings of being overwhelmed have mostly subdued.

And now here we are, getting ready to add another to our family. I know there will be struggles, but I imagine they will be of a different kind. I find myself thinking about my strengths and weaknesses and how God will prepare me for this third child.

My heart overflows with love for children. Finding a special place in my heart for our new child will not be a problem. But then I think about the lack of patience I frequently have with our children. Or the amount of stress I often feel. These are the times when I don’t know how I get through the day with two children, much less three. These are also the times when I find myself on my knees acknowledging my complete and utter reliance on God and his grace. And since today is one of those days, I am thankful to know where to look when I realize I cannot do this by myself :)


Kay said...

Precious One, children invariably add stress--it is their nature--and all you have described is the very essence of being a mother. So don't worry, God gets you through every tough time as He grows us up with our children. Each experience prepares us for the ones ahead and teaches us to trust in Him for the patience and wisdom needed to raise however many children He entrusts to us. I truly identify with your post, having experienced it first hand, but can tell you, knowing you first hand, that you are a fantastic, loving mom and your children will be just fine.

Elliotts said...

thanks Mrs. Kay :)