July 13, 2011

Beautiful stories

I am quite the sucker for a good adoption story. When the kids are napping, after they have gone to bed, or on a lazy Sunday, you can occasionally find me caught up in reading an adoption blog or watching a “gotcha day” video. Often times, there will be tears in my eyes or flowing down my checks.

Growing a family through adoption is not the “traditional” way to expand, but I have never seen so many miracles than the ones I see while on these blogs.

I am sharing a video that I watched earlier today. One of the most powerful lines to me is “orphan no more”. Oh how I long for the day when that is true of our child.



Unknown said...

Hey Lindsey! I just spent some time reading your blog. It's so exciting to hear what the Lord is doing with your family. I look forward to seeing pictures of your baby on here someday! - Adrian Bevis

smiley8kids said...


I so love your blog and this video had me boo hooing! God is so amazing...I love how families and churches are starting to look a lot more like HEAVEN! Every tribe and tongue!