May 16, 2011

You NEED this Cookbook

Our family does a pretty good job of eating healthy (most of the time). God has opened my eyes to how eating healthy can impact our lives. I still have lots to learn, but I strive to make healthy food choices for my family.

I used to think that eating healthy was all about low fat. Well…turns out I was WRONG. Eating healthy has nothing to do with low fat. It is all about eating real foods. Enter my favorite cookbook, the real food diet cookbook by Dr. Josh Axe. This cookbook is awesome (and by no means a “diet”)! It is packed full of healthy, yummy, EASY, kid friendly recipes.

My favorites include chicken kabobs, personal pizzas, wild rice and spinach soup, and chicken bryan. I could go on and on and on. Dr. Axe has some great recipes here on his website. I know once you try a few you will be hooked.


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