May 18, 2011

God, gettin’ it done

Our adoption process is moving right along. We have completed 2 of the 3 sets of required paperwork. The third set, the Dossier, is the most extensive. We are ALMOST done. There are only a couple of things that we lack, all of which we have no control over. So basically, I have to wait on OTHER people (namely, the government) before our Dossier is complete (not one of my strong points).

With the completion of each set of paperwork, a fee comes due. Amazingly, God has provided EXACTLY what we need every time. One of the larger fees is the first adoption agency fee of $6,200, which is now due. Between what we saved and the donations we have received, we have exactly what we needed to cover this expense.

I was once told that “God funds what he favors”. There is not a doubt in my mind that God favors adoption. We have been able to see Him during this entire process.

If you feel the pull towards adoption, but worry about the cost, PLEASE don’t. God will provide what you need. Mark and I are both numbers people, so we like to see everything on paper. I still struggle with not knowing where all the money will come from for our adoption. But God has a plan and He has already proved faithful time and time again.


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mistedw77 said...

I love reading your blog:) It makes me smile:)