July 15, 2009

New pictures...finally!!!

Unfortunately, we just have not taken many pictures lately. Hence why I have not updated the blog in forever. I got together what I could since I knew it would be nice for an update :)

We went to a little girl's 1st birthday party the other day and Taylor had a blast. There was a playground there so we got some shots of Tay.

She loved this thing.

There was a HUGE lamb that someone gave to the birthday girl. Taylor had her eye on it the entire time and when we finally let her hold it, she just cuddled with it.

For those of you who know Tay, her feet are tiny. I bought these size 2 shoes last year (yes, size 2's are 3-6 months and Taylor is 14 months). Anyways, they finally fit her!!! She looks so cute in them, but she is quite awkward trying to do anything in them. We have fun watching though.

Reading a new ABC book.

We went to Ohio a few weeks ago and Mark's parents took us out on their pontoon boat. Taylor loved it (despite her facial expression here).

We docked the boat on a "beach" that was mainly mud. Of course Taylor was covered by the time we left. She even tried to eat it.

Just a cute shot

We stick a pool in our backyard and call it a "Redneck Pool Party" Hey, it entertains Taylor and gives us something to pass by the afternoon.

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