July 22, 2009

San Antonio Trip

We just got back from 4 days of visiting my brother and his family. They just had a little boy 2 months ago, so we finally got to meet him.

This was Taylor's first time to fly. She did pretty good, but refused to sleep. Here we are getting ready to take off.

We went to the neighborhood pool the first day we were there. Addie (Tay's cousin) was helping to feed her. Such a big help :)

Something must have been funny.

The girls had matching outfits, so of course we put them in them for church. This was the best picture we could get, but I think it is pretty cute!

Addie liked to read to Taylor.

Here is all 7 of us. We had strict orders to get a picture with all of us. So here it is (Mom).

Addie had a little kitchen in her room and Tay had a good time playing with it. Maybe a Christmas present?

We did not manage to get many pictures with Taylor and her new cousin Ian. Here is one of the few. I guess she is going to have to get used to having a little one around :)

We went to the Alamo while we were there. Apparently this is the picture that we "had to get" of us in front of the Alamo.

On our way back to the car from the Alamo, the girls held hands the entire time. It was so cute.

They had quite the time on the recliner.

This is the closest Taylor has come to walking. I am hoping this toy will speed things up. Maybe by 1 1/2 she will have taken her first solo steps :)

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