May 27, 2009

PCB baby!!!

We all just spent a nice four day weekend with my best friend and her family at the beach. They live in Panama City Beach and were kind enough to let them stay with them. Despite the rain, we had a great time!!

This one is not from the beach, but it was too cute not to post.

Here are Taylor and Ryen (my best friends little boy). They had a good time together over the weekend.

Us and the kiddos.

Nell and Rusty watched Taylor so Mark and I could go on a date night. This was taken before we left.

It rained the majority of the time we were down there, so we went to the mall to pass the time. Her the kids are riding a car in the mall. It was cute.

Mark and I also watched the kids one night so Nell and Rusty could go on a date. We gave them a wagon ride around the neighborhood.

Finally we got to the beach. 2 1/2 days of rain and 1 1/2 day of sun. We took full advantage of the sun!!

Tay loved the water. She wanted to crawl right into the ocean.

Grandmom and Granddad got Tay some beach toys. Her and Ryen loved digging in the sand and Mark loved building sand castles.

She kept pulling off our sunglasses. It was a fun game for her.

Hanging with Dad.

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