May 5, 2013

Tay turns 5!

It is unbelievable to me that I have a 5 year old. Taylor is beautiful and brilliant. She is such an amazing little girl. She loves well, is always ready to help and has such a kind heart. She has a joy of life and is completely a people person.

Yesterday we were able to celebrate Taylor with all things sweet. If you know our girl, she has quite the sweet tooth (the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree if you know what I'm sayin'). We don't eat lots of sweets around here, but yesterday we did not hold back. She was giddy with excitement all day!

Taylor's Ice Cream Shoppe

The birthday girl

Ice Cream Bar

Cousins :)

We went to a friend's birthday party a few years ago and played this game. It was hilarious! I am all about making people do embarrassing things, so here ya go. The goal is to eat the donut without using your hands. First the kids, then the dads.

I know there are a lot of dad pictures, but I just can't help it. They each make me laugh out loud for different reasons.
Here you can see my brother pushing Mark out of the way (cheater). 

Wonderful facial expressions. 

These are just amazing.


And to top off the crazy sugar filled children, a candy filled pinata!

My beautiful birthday girl!

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NosyRosie said...

Your mimi me! She's getting so big! Such a young lady.