May 6, 2013

poop in the tub

I am sure you already know what this post is about. I made is fairly clear by the title, but let me induldge you anyway.

At the beginning of every month, Mark has his busy time at work. One of these nights he has to work super late. Tonight is that night.

I was making dinner and thought it would be great to get a couple things done at once. So I brought Zeke's tub down to the sink, filled it up, and stuck him in. Multitasking, right?
One minute later, the tub was filled with poop. I wisk him out onto a towel (now also covered with poop) so that I can clean out the tub. I unplug the drain in his tub only to realize it was not all the way over the sink. Yay...poopy water all over the floor!

I finally finished cleaning the poop filled tub and the poopy floor. Wait, oh what's that warm stuff? Awesome, that's Zeke peeing everywhere. I guess I should have covered that up while I cleaned?

Good thing you are cute Z, good thing.

And to finish off my evening alone, I found Sophie's (our dog) throw up all over our room and the living room.

It's probably best that I go shower now. 

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