April 4, 2013

why can't anything ever be easy?

If you or anyone you know has ever prepared a Dossier, you know the HOURS that go into getting it ready. A few weeks ago we completed our Dossier and sent it into our agency. They then sent off all the documents to be authenticated.

And guess what? All of our notarized documents had an incorrect date. Yay! (that was sarcastic). So now we get to redo all of those documents and send them back to our agency. We are looking at about a 3 week delay because of this one little mistake.

I used to let these little mishaps dictate my attitude. But you know what? We have been in this process for over 2 years now. What's 3 more weeks?

1 comment:

Amy Davis said...

I am so sorry!! That stinks...I know how frustrating ANY setbacks are. You have a great attitude though!! Love following along your journey:)