August 10, 2012

carnies at heart

Tay has been asking to go to a carnival, a.k.a. the fair, for several weeks now. So when I found out the Cookeville fair was going on while we had plans to visit, I knew we would be making an appearance.

I figured the kids would be entertained for an hour or two, ride a few rides, grab an unhealthy treat, and then we would make our way back to my parent’s house.

Boy, was I wrong! My kids thought it was the! They could not get enough of it. Most of the rides gave them whiplash, spun so quickly it made me feel sick just watching, or gave me a heart attack because I thought they may plunge to their death at any moment. But they thought the rides were hilarious and rode every one at least once.

Pictures were not easy to take considering the pure speed of most rides. Here are some before the action and from the petting zoo. Who doesn't love a good "milking the cow" picture?

Sweet girl with her great-grandparents

No one can get Noah to laugh like his granddaddy

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The Rohman Family said...

I thought the milking the cows stand was just kinda disgusting :) But the kiddos sure did LOVE it!