August 17, 2010

Mineral City, OH - Vacation #2

Like I stated in my last post, we are not taking a true family vacation this year. So visiting our parents is what I am counting as our summer vacations. Last week we went to see Mark's family in Ohio. We had a great trip (excluding the 9 hour car ride where Tay did not sleep :)) We had not been to Mineral City in one year, so we were ready to see everyone!

This is just a picture of Noah before we left, always smiling.

Mark's parents had a baby pool on their back porch. Taylor loves the water, so she was in it the first day. She was having a blast going down the slide.

On Friday we went to the lake on Mark's parents boat. This was Noah's first boat trip. All the kids (Sophie included) had a blast!

Taylor driving the boat with Grandpa.

Noah sat in the water with me before he got into the lake.

Noah kept splashing the water, getting dirt on his hands, and then sucking his thumb...wonderful.

Taylor and her cousin Cole.

This is Mark's grandma sitting with Taylor. We discovered on this trip that she LOVES cheetos. If we ever need her to be still, all we have to do is give her some cheetos.

Family photo

All of Mark's family

Taylor got a baby doll from her Aunt Amy and Uncle Todd. She was hugging it before we even got it out of the box.

The 4 youngest cousins. The 3 youngest were all born within 10 months.

Noah and his new cousin Walker. Yep, I said new...he is only 2 months old and weighs over 15 lbs!! I am pretty sure he will have passed Noah up by the next time we see him.

Taylor and her Uncle Beavis...I mean Chad.

Noah and his Aunt Jennie.

Noah and his cousin Hayden (5 months older).

Noah and his aunt Amy.

Grandma feeding Noah his bottle.

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