August 2, 2010

Cookeville Vacation

Our family does not technically have a "vacation" this summer, so I am counting Cookeville as our family vacation. Me and the kids left last Tuesday, so we were there for almost an entire week. My brother and his family were there also, so we got to spend lots of quality time with everyone.

Taylor absolutely LOVES her cousin Addie. She talks about her all the time. The girls were so cute together. If only they lived closer...

We went to my grandparents house for dinner one night. My granddad always takes the kids on a tractor ride. All of the great-grandchildren loved it....except Taylor. She was not happy.

On the other hand, Noah thought it was great! Maybe it is a boy thing :)

My parents have a wonderful pool in their back yard. We were out there almost everyday.

On a rainy morning, we took the kids to play at the Burger King playground.

Just some cute pictures of Noah and Sophie.

This is from our family reunion. These girls did a good job of entertaining one another.

Mark's brother and sister-in-law came for a visit from Ohio two weekends ago. This was their first time to meet Noah.

Aunt Amy reading with Taylor.

After church.

Taylor loves doing somersaults. I thought I should include this cute booty picture :)

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