June 18, 2010

Pool Time

It has been HOT here and so we have tried to do as many water activities as possible. I have not been great at taking pictures, but I thought I would share the few that I do have.

Anytime we go outside, Noah always wears a hat. This kid would look cute in whatever he had on :)

Tay got a Mrs. Potato Head for her birthday. Who needs to potato when you can use your own head? She has also stuck things up her nose, but I chose not to include those pictures.

Mark and I ran a 5k with the kids in strollers last Saturday. It was at 8:00 am, but I think the temperature was 88! I don't think I have ever sweat so much. It was downtown Nashville and afterwords we let Taylor play in the water at the square.

I got Taylor a swimsuit and matching hat at a consignment sale. She did not wear the hat for long, but I was able to snap this cute picture.

Noah is ready for some pool action too. He has gotten in a couple of times and seems to enjoy it.

One of our friend's little boy had a pool party for his first birthday! This was taken before we all got in the water.

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