May 20, 2010

Taylor's 2nd Birthday

Our baby girl turned 2!!! It is so hard to believe it has already been 2 years since Taylor was born. For her birthday, Mark's parents came into town and we had a BIG birthday party for Tay at a park close to us. Lots of Taylor's friends came and we had so much fun!

Taylor loved to tell everyone how old she was. We were at dinner and she kept turning around to tell someone behind us how old she was.

Taylor and her BFF Brayden on the swing at her party.

Taylor got a baby doll from her Granddad and Grandmom. This girl can never have too many baby dolls!! She loves it.

Taylor's friend Jillian had a good time pushing her in the swing. I love this age!!

Taylor and Brayden again...

We had lots of food for the party. And it was a good thing because we had a hungry bunch :)

Mark's mom made these cookies. I don't think anyone there did not comment on how good they looked and tasted!

And of course, the Veggie Tales cake. The bakery did a great job!

On Taylor's actual birthday, we gave her a cupcake. She devoured it!

Just a few cute shots and Taylor, Noah, and Grandma and Grandpa...

In case you have not noticed, Taylor LOVES Veggie Tales. We got her a Veggie Tales toothbrush and she thinks it is great.

Some more of Noah and Grandpa...

This is Taylor's "cheese" face.

One night while I has gone for a night with the ladies, Mark was brave and watched not only Taylor and Noah by himself, but also volunteered to watch our neighbor's little boy too! I guess they both wanted to play in Noah's car seat.

And just because I think this is cute...

This next couple are from my grandparent's house who live in Cookeville.

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