July 5, 2013

photo slacker

Maybe it's this whole three kids thing. Maybe it's having one really "difficult" three year old. Maybe it's just plain ol' laziness. But I have not been taking pictures lately. I just forget. And when I do remember, I don't feel like going all the way upstairs to get the camera. Yep, that's just laziness.

But I do have a few pictures of my sweet, crazy kids.

Pater Pan and Tinkerbell (they are flying here in case you were wondering).

Playing in the rain and SUPER excited about it. There was also some serious signing going on. 

Zeke getting smothered loved on.

My beautiful baby girl loving the water.

Noah giving me his best smile. He's a keeper for sure. 

Brotherly love. 

Love her. 

Well, that is better than no pictures. But I do need to make a much better effort to take pictures. Let's see if that happens or not...

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