January 26, 2013

our attempt at newborn pictures

Have I told you how much I love Pinterest? Well if I haven't, I really love Pinterest. I am sort of challenged in the creativity department and Pinterest really helps me out.

Zeke is 12 days now and I wanted pictures of him as an itty bitty baby. Since I am cheap thrifty, I decided to attempt them on my own and Pinterest was just what I needed for some ideas.

Although the pictures are far from professional, I am happy with what we got. It only took 2 hours, several nursing sessions, almost 400 pictures, one poop accident and one pee accident to get some good ones.
All in a days work people.


NosyRosie said...

I've got baby fever. I'd say they are a success!

The Rohman Family said...

Great work! My favorite is the one of him sleeping and smiling :)