November 1, 2012


Who doesn't love dressing up in costumes? Well, actually I don't normally love to dress up, but our kids think it's sort of amazing. This year I was lame-o and did not have a costume. I am going to go ahead and play the pregnant card and use that as my excuse.

We had our 3rd annual neighborhood chili-cook off last weekend. All the peeps in the hood got together and let the kids run around like crazy people while we chatted it up and ate some yummy chili. I have yet to win the contest, but I am banking on next year.

Tay's preschool had a pumpkin patch day where her and all her classmates went and found a pumpkin with their name on it. I was able to go along and Tay was pretty excited that me and Noah came to watch.
According to Tay's teachers, she has a "best friend" in her class. The bottom right is of the girls with their pumpkins talking about who knows what :)

And then there was the BIG night, Halloween that is. And what did I do? Well, forgot my camera of course. Thankfully our wonderful friends took a picture of the Elliott clan.

And this has nothing to do with Halloween, but our friend, Raechel Myers, took family photos for us last weekend. She sent me this "sneak peek" and I am in love with it!

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Love the sneak peek ;)