July 18, 2012

let's play a guessing game!

Our friends, The Johnsons, always have these fun little ideas. I saw a baby guessing game on their blog and decided that I should probably steal borrow the idea.  Sorry for the lack of originality, but thank you Karyn.

On our right sidebar, you will see a little rectangle with "Baby Elliott!" as the title. If you click there, you can guess our baby's gender, weight, length, size, due date, and time! We will even be awarding a little prize to the winner!

Just for fun, I entered Tay and her answers into the pool! I was quite impressed with her guesses. They are actually all possible scenarios. ...

When I asked her if the baby was a boy or girl, she said "BOTH". I said you are going to have to pick one because there ain't two up in there! So she guessed girl.
She said she will weigh 6lbs. Taylor was 6lbs 10oz. and Noah was 7lbs 10oz.  I am really hoping we don't continue with the extra pound per baby, so I am cool with that answer. She went ahead and put in a second guess...20 pounds! Um, no thank you.
For the length, she said 16 pounds...we will change that last word to inches.
When will the baby be born? Her answer, Christmastime, ao December 25th for that one. And for the time, 7:30pm.

Let the games begin!

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