June 25, 2012

Oh the joys of pregnancy

I am not going to lie, this pregnancy has not been a fun one. “They” say it just gets harder with age, and I have to agree with “them”. 

I also don’t want to complain. I know what it is like to lose a baby and all of these little pregnancy signs give me hope that this baby is growing and thriving. I try to be thankful in those moments when I feel awful. 

Here’s my list of pregnancy related funness:
  • Two words: MORNING all day SICKNESS…make that 3. I did not know what I was missing with Tay and Noah. I had a couple of days of feeling sick and then it was smooth sailing. This kid on the other hand is really giving me a run for my money.
  • Tay and Noah are happy campers though. They get to watch movies WAY more than normal. Some days it is all I can do to put a movie in the VCR (yes, I said VCR) and lay on the couch with them
  • Mark and I just celebrated an anniversary and I had to get up 4 times to go pee! Seriously, how does that even happen? The hostess who saw me pass by every time must have thought something was wrong with me. 
  • Speaking of having to pee, uninterrupted sleep never happens. I am up ALOT. 
  • Nap time is no longer just for the children in the house. They go down, I go down. Every day. No questions.
  • You thought your grandma went to bed early? If I am up past 9:30, it is a big deal! I mean HUGE!
 Oh the joys of pregnancy :) But these little ones are so worth it!

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