May 7, 2012

4 years

My baby girl turned 4 today.  

Taylor, you are beautiful, smart, kind, and witty. You have a memory like an elephant. You love to sing, dance, and put on a show. If I don’t hear you, I can normally find you reading, painting, or coloring. You are such a little mommy, always taking care of your baby dolls and helping with Noah. Every night, you love telling daddy all about your day while he lies in bed with you. Your imagination never ceases to amaze me. You can have a 20 minute conversation using crayons.

Last May, Taylor’s cousin had a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. Since then, she has been asking to go there for her birthday. And last night that is exactly what we did. We ate, gamed it up, and chased Noah around.
However, I think Chuck E. gave me some sort of food poisoning, so he is sort of on my bad side right now.
But it was fun while it lasted. 
Tay's party

Happy birthday sweet girl!

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The Rohman Family said...

Happy Birthday, Taylor! I hope we get to see her in Cookeville soon!